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History and Mystery of a Collection: MAC

An exhibition that presents masterpieces from the Madrid Museum of Contemporary Art.

From 01 December 2022 to 26 March 2023

Mondays to Fridays from 11am to 8pm

Saturdays from noon to 8pm

Sundays from noon to 6pm

Closed on Mondays.

*Visitors must vacate the exhibition 15 minutes before the centre closes


Free admission until full capacity is reached.

History and Mystery of a Collection: MAC, is an exhibition that presents masterpieces from the Madrid Museum of Contemporary Art that reflect our most sacred memory in dialogue with perfectly contemporary expressions. In this discourse, works rooted in classical art coexist with others by emerging artists that have recently been added to the permanent collection.

Some of the works explore Madrid as a landscape, echoing its origins and its evolution until it became the metropolis it is today, a point of irradiation of a multitude of creative dimensions. The Vallecas School, the Realists of Madrid, the Pop of the Movida movement and the ARCO Fair all traverse the city visually.

Other works breathe in the gesture and geometry of movements that belong to our most characteristic abstraction, such as El Paso, the Expressionism inherited from the New York School, Equipo 57 or the movement that emerged at the Calculus Centre at the UCM. Enigma and History intertwine.

Curated by the Museum, the exhibition brings together all kinds of materials: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and audiovisuals. (Mª Ángeles Salvador Durántez)

Curator: María Ángeles Salvador Durántez

Expositive design: Langarita-navarro arquitectos

Staging: Intervento


  • PALENCIA, Benjamín. 
  • GAL, Menchu. 
  • QUINTANILLA, Isabel. 
  • AVIA, Amalia. 
  • SÁNCHEZ, Alberto. 
  • GANGUTIA, Clara. 
  • D'ORS, Esperanza. 
  • CALVO, Carmen. 
  • SANZ, María Luisa. 
  • SANZ, Miluca. 
  • ARROYO, Eduardo. 
  • GENOVÉS, Juan. 
  • FRANCÉS, Juana. 
  • MUÑOZ, Lucio. 
  • DROC, María. 
  • GUERRERO, José. 
  • CHIRINO, Martín. 
  • NAVARRO Baldeweg, Juan. 
  • ZÓBEL, Fernando. 
  • CÁRDENAS, Marta. 
  • RODRÍGUEZ, Alfredo. 
  • VICENTE, Esteban. 
  • GIL, Julián. 
  • RUEDA, Gerardo. 
  • ALFARO, Andreu. 
  • OTEIZA, Jorge. 
  • LÓPEZ QUINTANILLA, Francisco. 
  • EQUIPO 57. 
  • DOIZ, Miren. 
  • CORAZÓN, Alberto. 
  • CARLES, José Luis. 
  • ORCAJO, Ángel. 
  • BENSASSON, Eva. 
  • FISCHER, Roland. 
  • GARRIDO, Cristina. 
  • GONZALO, Marta de 
  • PÉREZ PRIETO, Publio.